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Welcome to the website of Lindsey Roads Cycling Club. Since its inception in October 1970 the club has been run by its members to promote cycling, both social and competitive, in the North East Lincolnshire area. We are affiliated to British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials, Cycling UK, Lincolnshire Road Riding Association and the British Schools Cycling Association. We run a program of club time trials from April to August and reliability trials in March and September as well as year round weekly rides. Please use the navigation to the left to find out more

Latest News

Fonaby 2 Lap 15th June
Posted on 2021-06-14 by Janice Wakefield

Just been up to Caistor top. Member of work force assured me the section of Riby drag we need will still be open tomorrow night, so Fonaby 2 Lap is still on.

1st June Fonaby 1 Lap TT - Cancellation.
Posted on 2021-05-31 by Janice Wakefield

Hi All, I've just been out to look at the Riby drag Section for tomorrow nights TT. While the surface has improved quicker than I expected I would still prefer to leave a bit more time for it to settle further. Plus the Highways Dept. have left the warning signage with 20MPH speed restrictions in place. So unfortunately no event will take place.

Club TT Cancelled for 18th May
Posted on 2021-05-16 by Janice Wakefield

Wednesday and Thursday of last week substantial portion of the Riby Drag received fresh coatings of grit. While usable with care and lower speeds it would not be safe for racing. My contact at Lincs police to discuss circuit changes due to such a situation is currently unavailable. So unfortunately the Tuesday 16.4 is Cancelled with no replacement. It may be possible to run the event on a Saturday later in the year.

Club retro time trial
Posted on 2021-04-22 by Janice Wakefield

Our club retro 10 mile time trial takes place next Tuesday 27th April on the C10/4 course between Limber and Laceby roundabout. To compete for the Terry Jarman retro trophy and to qualify for club league points riders must ride a road bike with no tri bars and wheels with a maximum depth of 35mm. Riders can still ride TT bikes but their times won't count.

50th Anniversary Ticket sales system now open.
Posted on 2021-04-11 by Janice Wakefield

Due to the proposed easing of covid restrictions a new date is now planned for Sunday 3rd October 2021. For latest info please view the "50" tab It includes a link to the ticketing system.

Posted on 2021-04-02 by Janice Wakefield

There are some extra rules we have to follow so that we can run our time trials this year. Signing on for The Fonaby and C10/4 events will be in the car park of Limber Village Hall. Please come ready to race or be prepared to get changed in your car as the hall won't be open for changing. We may be able to have the toilets available but we are waiting for confirmation. You should sign on using the pen provided and then put it in the 'used pen' box. Entry fees are £4 for club members and £5 for visitors and under 18s will need a parent permission form. There will be a box at the car park that you should drop your number in after the finish. Please remember to shout your number as you cross the finish line but don't ask the timekeepers for your time, they will be posted online ASAP after the event. When waiting at the start please make sure you are at least 2 metres behind the rider in front and please don't arrive too early. There will be no 'pusher off' and all riders will start with one foot on the floor. All riders must have a working rear light on their bike. This is an excerpt from the CTT risk assessment:'People should be reminded that they should NOT be socialising with others in the car park and should upon leaving their car, get their bike out and go straight out onto the road to warm up; a large collection of people has a negative perception and should be avoided. Competitors on finishing should not loiter at the HQ/Car Park and should pack away and leave immediately upon completion of the race.' Please also familiarise yourself with the rules on drafting and overtaking that are available on the CTT website. I know this all seems a bit draconian but in order to promote the events we have to follow the CTT risk assessment and do our best to keep everyone safe.

British Cycling latest guidance
Posted on 2021-04-02 by Janice Wakefield

1.1 From March 29, UK Government guidance now permits the re- introduction of organised sport and physical activity which adhered to relevant National Governing Body guidance, while groups of up to six people are permitted to ride together informally in line with the Rule of Six (or as a group of two households).
1.2 Below is a summary of the current position for cycling activity:
1.2.1 Appropriate social distancing must be maintained before, after and when not actively participating in cycling activities.
1.2.2 British Cycling-affiliated Club rides or recreation programme rides, which adhere to the guidance set out in this document, can take place with up to 15 participants, on highways, trails and tracks. Informal riding (i.e., groups of friends meeting to ride together) will still be limited to the Rule of Six.
1.2.3 Outdoor coach-led club training and coaching can take place for all ages, with numbers to be determined by a coach’s qualification. Indoor activity is only permitted for disabled people or for educational purposes at this stage, and will be determined by facility access.
1.2.4 At this step of the Government’s roadmap, you should minimise time spent outside your home, but you can leave your home to exercise and take part in informal and organised sport and physical activity. You should always check that it’s safe to travel before you set out to take part in sport or recreation.
1.2.5 Social interaction before and after cycling activities should only take place outdoors, and in separate and distinct groups consisting of up to six people or two households.

Club Time Trial Programme
Posted on 2021-03-05 by Janice Wakefield

The Club Time Trial programme for 2021 is now available in the events calendar. Hopefully these will be able to go ahead with conditions in place so we are Covid compliant. Further details to follow.

2021 Membership
Posted on 2021-03-05 by Janice Wakefield

As we weren't able to offer many club rides and races last year we have taken the decision to waive membership fees this year meaning that everyone who was a paid up member last year will automatically be joined for 2021. Please let us know if you don't wish your membership to continue.

Anniversary Tops
Posted on 2020-11-25 by Janice Wakefield

The second order of 50th Anniversary tops has arrived. Please contact John at to arrange collection. John has several spare tops so if you would like one please contact him to see what he has available.

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Tue 6th Jul 2021 - 19:00
Fonaby 1 Lap

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